Moods for music.

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Myself and my co-designer for this project (Mike Skillings), have discussed the idea in a little further depth. Like me, Mike is also a guitarist and we are both interested to look into how light can reflect what is being played.

We have both managed to separately come up with the idea of assessing and conveying the mood of what is being played by the instrument through the medium of light. This would consist of intensity, colour, pulsing etc.

For example: A slow glowing blue hue for an acoustic piece, and a fast pulsing red glow for Metal music.

But is there a way of being able to differentiate between each of these?
Expect to be seeing some research and perhaps a few thoughts from Mike soon.

Maybe both idea’s/concepts can be combined?

– Allan


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