Bio Page

Allan Aikman

Age: 21
Current Location: Dundee, Scotland
Originated From: Falkirk Scotland

Originally from Falkirk, Scotland; I moved to Dundee in 2009 to persue my degree in Innovative Product Design.
I currently already hold a HND in Computer Aided Draughting and Design from Forth Valley College; and have worked several jobs from Butchery to being a Services Design Engineer for an engineering firm. Currently my main employment field is in PR; which gives me a further insight into everyday people – which will one day be my user group. My main interests are music, motorcycles (cosmetics, engineering, design and riding). I would love one day to work in Research and Development for the motorcycle manufacturing industry – also having a great interest in making motorcycling safer without negatively altering the experience.

You can tweet Allan @LifebydesignUK
Or visit his blog Life By Design

Mike Skillings

Age: 19
Current Location: Dundee, Scotland
Originally From: Aberdeen, Scotland

With a great interest in the ever advancing technologies in the world and a love for my Product Design course at school I thought it only fitting to Pursue a Design orientated career. I joined the Innovative Product Design course at The University of Dundee in 2009 and have never looked back. I have worked a variety of different jobs from working checkouts to working in a bar. Right now I am still a bartender but also work PR manager for one of the local clubs, allowing me to constantly interact with and manage people. My main hobbies and interests revolve around sports and music. You’ll often find me screaming at the tv when my team is losing. I’m always keeping fit, be it with football, the gym, tennis, basketball and more. In the near future I intend on travelling the world and hope to move away from Britain at some point in my life. Design varies within different cultures, and I would love to explore that.


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