Press Release – Part 2

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Heartbeatz is a revolution in wearable visual dance tech. Utilising Infra-red reflection technology the device detects the heartbeat of its user and mimics the very movement of the blood in your veins with light via a length of Electro Luminescent wire. When listening to a song with a strong, constant bass rhythm the human heart will tune and begin to beat in time with it. The conception of Heartbeatz will allow any onlookers to be able to observe this process. When applied to a large crowd amazing patterns of light can appear throughout a club or event. However, the applications do not end there – Heartbeatz can be utilised in any other situation where a person’s heart rate might want to be observed but in a less formal way, for example keep fit classes, or children playing in the dark.

Heartbeatz is designed to be comfortably wearable using two adjustable Velcro straps to allow any size of arm to wear it. When the unit has been fitted, the wires can be hidden under the clothing with the converter box mounted on the opposite arm via another adjustable Velcro strap – making sure no loose wires are visible.

The heartbeat sensor can be easily and securely fastened onto the pulse of the wearer via a stretchable material that would fasten round the neck to provide the best reading for the unit. However with further advances in this tech it would be possible to mount the sensor almost anywhere on the body, resulting in a more subtle appearance.

Product In Action

Close Up

Action Shot

Image of product in use in the dark


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